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It is critical that students are aware of the risks they take when using a fake ID It is responsible for the issuance and renewal of driving licenses. But going through the black market was expensive, costing Brittany nearly $100 for a better fake ID. the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles arrests hundreds of people under the age of 21 for possession of false documents each year

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Brittany said the reputation she earns from distributing the fake IDs is just as important as the money she earns. The US driver's license is issued by the Motor Vehicle Management Department (DMV). The US Department of Motor Vehicle Management is a functional department of the government. It is responsible for the registration, renewal and accident handling of motor vehicles.

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Ability to recognize ID: supermarket> cheap university bar> bouncer bar> bar> restaurant> fine dining If the police found the use of false ID, in practice, the police uncle's focus is underage drinking, rather than using fake ID. People often look to their older friends for a legitimate ID to present as their own, Enright said, even though it is possible to purchase them online.